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The Path of IX - Walking With our Shadow

Nov 26, 2022

We hear a lot that ‘life is sacred,’ but is it ever applied to something other than the human experience? What about the plant kingdom? What about the animal kingdom? These lives are just as sacred. But how can we honor them? And how can we connect with them with permission? 


Today, I welcome Jacky Bueno into...

Nov 19, 2022

Beauty can inspire us. It can evoke a reaction within us and it can bring us to our knees. What steps are you taking to defend the beauty in the world, in nature, and in yourself?  


As we enter into Circle today, join me for an exploration of beauty and the defense that beauty can offer you. This topic was inspired by...

Nov 12, 2022

Are you comfortable riding the wave and allowing things to fail, allowing your humanity to be present? Or do you crave certainty? Do you seek out a sure thing? Are you looking for the “right” way?


We’re constantly bombarded with messages and promises of certainty from religion, from products, even programs,...

Nov 5, 2022

How can you connect to the story of your past, your ancestry, the beings you carry with you in your DNA? And how can you love yourself and accept yourself just as you are on your path to radical self-love? 


As we enter into Circle today, we’ll connect to the cycle of our breath, we’ll connect to our bones, and...