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The Path of IX - Walking With our Shadow

Feb 11, 2023

What does it mean to live authentically? And how does your authenticity differ from mine? Or that of your neighbor’s? 


Today’s episode is inspired by and is a response to a recent discussion regarding the authentic life. This isn’t about shame, but it is an invitation to look in the mirror and question how you are living your life. From there, you have a choice to continue on or make a shift. 


So, join me today as we explore with curiosity words and their meaning, the evolution of language over time, and how colonization has affected how we view traditions, people, and medicine, and how all these tie into living your own authentic life. 


I’m exploring: 

  • How to seek the gradient of culture, language & communities 

  • Letting go of our grip, embracing curiosity & allowing for a deeper connection within the confusion

  • Authenticity as self-acceptance & self-reflection 

  • Colonized consumption & consumerism: What is the alternative? 

  • If the Western World craves that which it has destroyed, then what now?

  • And much more 


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