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The Path of IX - Walking With our Shadow

May 27, 2023

Join me as I invite a guest into the circle for a fascinating conversation around dreaming and relationship: Vesna Vavladellis. Vesna is a true alchemist with sound and spirit, an oracle, a dreamer, a scientist, and a curious being. Don’t miss this episode where we break down yoga nidra, building relationship with the land, and dreaming back to self.


We explored: 

  • Vesna’s definition of a dreamer
  • What it’s like to be an oracular dreamer and Vesna’s love/hate relationship with it
  • The truth that’s becoming more and more apparent for her as she does this work
  • How she’s decolonizing yoga nidra while she decolonizes herself
  • What’s drawn Vesna to indigenous circles
  • How being a part of indigenous circles has helped her land into her beingness
  • The ways Vesna has learned to connect with the land of her ancestors, even when she was born—and continues to live—on different land
  • How cacao has really changed her life


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