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The Path of IX - Walking With our Shadow

Dec 17, 2022

Do you find yourself yearning for a deeper connection to earth and your ancestors? Are you operating in survival mode not knowing how to be a part of the solution? Can you actually live in relationship with the land you live on? 


Today, I come to you as a steward of the land and I welcome you into a continuation of the conversation on biodiversity. In this episode, I’ll take a closer look at regenerative agriculture. This is not a TED Talk, my friend. It’s an invitation. It’s an opportunity. It’s a call for something more, something deeper. Join me for this enlightening exploration of this highly relevant topic and discover how you can become a co-creator of biodiversity. 


I’m exploring: 

  • Regenerative agriculture: What is it? What does it involve and require? Who does it support?
  • Why regenerative farming is an opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • How we have created economies that support the death of soil 
  • What it means to take responsibility for your impact on all that is around you
  • Why this topic is relevant now, yet is far from a new discovery 
  • How regenerative agriculture relates to climate change 
  • A guided meditation: sit with the land and the soil inside of you, connect to the ancestors, access the great intelligence within, connect mind and body, bring in the breath of life


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