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The Path of IX - Walking With our Shadow

May 13, 2023

Circle holds everything. It holds differences of opinion and differences of definitions. It holds otherness. But it won’t—and isn’t meant to—save you.


When (generally white) people come to these indigenous circles, in my experience they are wanting to be saved and hoping to be safe. But what are they hoping to be saved from? And what does hope really mean?


Join me in today’s episode as I bring to this circle some interesting conversations that I've had over the past week around this idea to break down what’s REALLY underneath the desire to find safety in indigenous circles, why people look for saviors, and what it ACTUALLY means to be in Circle.


I’m exploring:

  • The misguided “great white hope”
  • A lesson from the Lakota around hope that might surprise you
  • What saving really means
  • The #1 thing that I hear people wanting to be saved from
  • What indigenous circles really are and are not
  • The things you will need to redefine as you enter indigenous circles
  • Why you see indigenous circles go to plant and animal kingdoms for inspiration and for healing
  • And a silent meditation to help you acknowledge and face yourself—including the parts that you’ve been hiding


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