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The Path of IX - Walking With our Shadow

Jul 30, 2022

As the world around us speeds up, the act of slowing down becomes ever more important and necessary. It can be easy to get lost in the day to day shuffle, hustling to earn more, have more, and be more. But who says it has to be this way and is there any alternative? Today I welcome a guest who has walked the path of busyness and chosen an alternative route. Amber Keyes joins me today. Amber is a business success mentor and a Human Design expert, working to transform individuals and communities into beings and spaces of true inclusion. As she will explain, it starts with self. Join us for this enlightening and playful reintroduction to Human Design. 


We’re discussing:


  • How motherhood and the search for peace and community sparked a new direction in Amber’s life
  • The dangers of oversimplifying complex systems in order to make them more attainable, what gets lost in translation
  • Amber’s background of studying community and social systems and how that impacts her work today
  • How misinformation moves faster than truth and why it’s good, but hard, to question the systems that surround us
  • Why our bodies are our guides, not our thinking minds
  • The words and types of Human Design, unpacked and explained
  • And more


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