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The Path of IX - Walking With our Shadow

Apr 23, 2022

How can we begin to cultivate a deeper relationship with the natural world? How can we connect with our ancestors and live in circleness with them? In today’s episode I’m honored to be joined by Lizz Huerta. Lizz is a storyteller, a decorated writer, and the author of The Lost Dreamer.  Listen in as we discuss the creative process she follows, where in the body our stories are held, the importance of altars in our journey, and much more. What’s waiting for you is more purpose and more depth as you live in circleness with these connections. 


We’re exploring:

  • Lizz’s creation story and her gift of dreaming
  • How long it took to write The Lost Dreamer and what this story offers its readers
  • A good starting place for connecting to the natural world
  • How dominion over nature has led to woundedness
  • Queer spirituality’s place in today’s world and our hope in the next generation
  • The role movement plays in her writing process and how it can help you
  • How to create an altar at home and on the go
  • The power of stories and oral traditions
  • Plus much more


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