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The Path of IX - Walking With our Shadow

Jul 23, 2022

How can we walk boundless and connected to ourselves, to humanity, and to earth with all its beings? What are the limits we place on ourselves? Where did these limits come from and can we move past them? Today, I’m honored to be joined by Wes Parrish. Wes is a storyteller with the art of listening and finding wisdom. Join us for an exciting conversation around recovering ancient truths, collaborating with all beings, and the boundlessness of humanity. Wes speaks with openness and gives thought to each word spoken. Come play and learn with us. 


We’re exploring: 


  • Wes’ awakening story, what led to it, and their journey since 
  • How Star Wars reintroduced mysticism to society and recent boundless discoveries
  • Small, daily habits we can practice to connect to the earth
  • What the seed cycle can teach us about ourselves
  • Finding our inner navigation despite the domestication of humanity
  • The power of silence and how Wes steps outside of the noise
  • What’s coming up for Wes and The Obsidian Blade
  • And more


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