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The Path of IX - Walking With our Shadow

Dec 3, 2022

Ever taken a shortcut? That faster, easier way to get from one place to another. We look for them all the time in this world where there is pressure to do more, accomplish more, and work faster. We look for shortcuts in relationships and in conversations as we operate from survival mode. But how can you slow it down, reject the urgency, and live within the limits of your compassion?


In continuing the conversation around relationships, I welcome Rose back to the show today. We’re diving into this topic of time and exploring many of the ways time influences how we live our lives and how we live in relationship with others. We’re questioning if a longer connection means more opportunity for growth, change, and honesty, and if there is any replacement for time in relationships. We’re not searching for answers or solutions, so come join the conversation and learn with us how time is on your side. 


 We’re exploring: 

  • Why connection is important in a world that values solutions
  • The urgency of consumption and survival - are they always connected?
  • How to co-create solutions & why understanding and listening should come before “fixing”
  • Why we try to speed up the process of building relationships with people and nature
  • The relationship of observation - why isn’t this talked about more?
  • Rose’s experience in Ghana with the three types of challenges
  • And more

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