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The Path of IX - Walking With our Shadow

Jun 3, 2023

How do you meet life, with all its ebbs and flows? Are you constantly striving to master new things, but full of stress and feeling broken by the challenges that inevitably come your way? 

What if you approached life with a different lens instead? One of wisdom, of learning, and of wonder, where you could develop a good root system? How then would you be affected by the winds of life? 

In today’s episode, I’m bringing back one of our most popular episodes where I take inspiration from the powerful winds around me to welcome you into another opportunity to sit in the circle together to explore these lessons. Join me as we explore the importance of having a strong root system in your life, crack open and shift the definition of mastery, and invite you to consider a new way of approaching learning, wisdom, and wonder.

I’m sharing:

  • A powerful lesson from my youth that has stuck with me to this day
  • What you’re missing if you focus always on mastery in life (and what to be careful of when looking to master something)
  • The varying definitions of mastery from different cultures, nations, and people and a new way I invite you to look at it
  • A meditation to help you step into a different way of being that will bring you less stress and more freedom


Revisit episode 011: Remembering How to Ground


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