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The Path of IX - Walking With our Shadow

Dec 24, 2022

Do you feel connected within? Do the separate parts of your being see each other, hear each other, and know each other? Are they working together as one? Or are they in conflict, fighting for attention and independence?  


In continuing the conversation of biodiversity and regeneration, this week we turn to collaboration. Within this meditative episode, there is time to pause and connect to self. We’ll question self-sufficiency and sustainability. We’ll discuss the biodiversity within you and each of your parts as well as the biodiversity within nature. Join me for this exploration of self. Let’s see how we can live as one whole being, not disjointed nor disconnected. And from that, let’s learn how we can collaborate with other beings, with nature, leaving wisdom at the door, and opening ourselves to opportunity, creativity, and wholeness. 


I’m exploring:

  • The disconnect with sustainability: What has this come to mean?
  • A visual exercise with you at center, examining the ecosystems within
  • The purity & rawness of nature & the reflection it gifts us
  • Practices to deepen your relationship with Mother Earth & where to start
  • If crisis in the world reflects an inner crisis within us 
  • A co-creative meditation: noticing & observing what comes, acknowledging the biodiversity of experiences, connecting each of your parts while honoring singularity to create an environment of collaboration, moving from co-existence to co-creating


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