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The Path of IX - Walking With our Shadow

Feb 17, 2024

Creation stories are powerful, and there’s something beautiful about reflecting on them and our journey to ourselves. In today’s circle, I invite you to join me for this conversation with Malu-Kanoa as we explore her own journey of self as a Black queer person, the sacred magic of names, and the beauty of grief...

Jan 13, 2024

Join me in the circle today as we welcome in the idea of cultural exchange, immediacy, “value”, and protocol.


I’m exploring:

  • Why there’s been a pause in the podcast and what’s to come from this circle
  • What your biosphere involves
  • The misconception about cultural exchanges
  • What access does and...

Oct 28, 2023

How can you be the medicine? How can you reject what the modern world has taught you and, instead, find what you need within yourself? Are you struggling to understand what this phrase even means or where to start? Then join me today for an exploration of this concept of medicine. Together, we’ll consider how...

Oct 21, 2023

The journey to healing can be a long one and for those called onto The Medicine Path, those asked to weave their knowledge and experiences to help others, it can be easy to prioritize filling other's cups before your own. This week I’m bringing back one of my most popular episodes with a guest that shows us that...

Oct 14, 2023

We have a strong sense of urgency in modern western society; a sense of urgency that is passed down from person to person. But it’s very disruptive. And as we continue our series on technology, we enter into the circle today to have a conversation around disruptive technology. Join me as I explore...