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The Path of IX - Walking With our Shadow

Feb 4, 2023

I am honored to be joined by Angell Deer today as we welcome you into Circle. Angell is a mystic & medicine man, a teacher & veterinarian, a beekeeper & breathwork practitioner, an international speaker & Earth Rockstar. Angell is a lover of all forms of life, he’s inspired by our shared humanity, and he’s deeply committed to the healing of this world. 


We invite you to join us today for this inspiring conversation and enter with curiosity as we all learn from Angell’s perspective on how we are a reflection of dark matter and why we need to acknowledge the depth of the sickness within the system before we can begin to heal together. 


We’re exploring: 

  • Angell’s creation story & how he is shaped by his ancestry and land
  • Why the fear of abandonment & desire for connection causes us to remain in systems that don't serve us  
  • The differences between learning within shamanism v. conventional ways 
  • How land can teach both practicality & poetry
  • Why some organic & eco-friendly products are still highly problematic for humanity 
  • How you can get involved with Angell at The Sanctuary
  • And more 


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